Krewella @ Coachella 2014 =

feedme - @tonyhawk gave me one of his boards. Fair to say I’m beyond chuffed with it. Shouts to @djaero for the photo. Mind blown. [x]


Street team for free ezoo tix: 

We’ll finish what we started

So promise me that they’ll fall

Here’s two tickets to fuck off.
Joel Zimmerman, ‘Skrillex n Dillon Francis’ (via the-dead-to-your-mau5)

Mysteryland colors (x)


Skrillex - Recess


  1. alalalal is feer in luv n bronysetp
  2. reseseseseseseseses
  3. starnerg
  4. tri it oot
  5. csot is celer
  6. drity veeb
  7. ragaga bmob
  8. dmopoy pmop
  9. frickle frackle taht
  10. eez me mnid
  11. frie aawy
Knife Party - Boss Mode (Extended Edit)
536 plays


For those that need more new Knife Party in their life.

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